Reset and connecting to the CPE

Using something like a toothpick, press and hold the hidden reset button on the side of the CPE until all LEDs have flashed (this may take some 5 seconds). Then wait a few minutes for the CPE to restart.

If the CPE is not connected to the SSHnet wall outlet:

  • obtain a network cable, type Cat5E or Cat6, with sufficient length;
  • connect one end of the cable to the SSHnet wall outlet;
  • connect the other end of the cable to the CPE port labelled ‘SSHnet’.

The LED next to this port will now lite up in green.

Connecting to the CPE

The CPE has 3 ports ‘LAN1’, ‘LAN2’, ‘LAN3’ for connecting your computer or other equipment, using a network cable (type Cat5E or Cat6). These cables are on sale in every computer store or DIY shop. The 4th port labelled ‘TV’ connects to the set-top box for TV.


Wi-Fi equipment can connect to the CPE using the network name (‘SSID’) and password indicated on the label on the CPE. You should change the password. See change wifi settings