Fair Use Policy

The SSHnet Fair Use Policy includes the Terms of Use and the various instructions as provided on the SSHnet website.


The Terms of Use define the formal conditions regarding SSHnet.
Below you find an explanation with some examples of undesired usage. 

Responsability for your SSHnet connection

You are personally responsible for everything that happens with or via your connection, irrespective of who or what may be the actual cause.

If your neighbour tenant is using your Wi-Fi and violates the Terms of Use, your connection may be quarantined. So make sure that your connection cannot be used by others.


If your computer is not sufficiently protected, others may cause illegal use of your connection. Just a few examples:

  • open mail relay: running a not (sufficently) secured mail transfer service.
  • open DNS: running a DNS service that others may abuse. 

No hindrance for others

Hindrance may follow from network overload, unallowed accessing computers of third parties, spreadout of virus malware, participating – even unconsciously – in ‘denial of service’ attacks. 

Some examples of improper use:

  • inordinate uploading/downloading, excessing current network traffic limits
  • generating excessive network traffic, causing network overload
  • breaking into computers or network equipment, or attempts to do so
  • generating message volumes that may overload computers of third parties

SSHnet is for study or hobby

Tenants should refrain from using SSHnet for commercial purposes or for not-for-profit organizations.


Some examples of improper use:

  • hosting websites for commerce, or for not-for-profit organizations
  • providing access to copyright protected information

Respecting others

Yoy shall not send or provide access to information that is contrary to generally accepted values. And you shall not impede or threaten others, including fellow tenants of SSH.

Some examplex of improper use:

  • discriminatory or racist statements
  • insulting or threatening information
  • sending excessive volumes of emails, posts or messages
  • harrassment of others on websites, by email, news, irc, irq, etc.

Virus contamination

You should ensure an effective protection of your computers against contamination by virus software (a.k.a. malware). If a contamination is found, you must remove the virus infection before regaining access to SSHnet.