The helpdesk can be contacted by email only: 

If you are unable to send an email, ask a neighbour or friend to send it. 

You will receive an automated reply with a digital questionnaire. This specifies the information necessary for the helpdesk to process your request. Complete the form and return it to the helpdesk using the ‘reply’ function of your email software. From that moment, your request is activated.


Normally you should receive an aanswer within 24 hrs. Should the helpdesk need additional information, they may want to contact you by phone. Make sure to indicate your phone number and be available on the times you have indicated.


Resolution time will depend on the nature of the problem. Incidents which affect a large number of tenants will have priority.


The helpdesk only handles problems with SSHnet. Not problems with your own equipment.
If you are unable to solve such problems, consult a neighbour or friend. Alternatively, you may contact a service company: check service.


If your building is not connected to SSHnet but has other Internet facilities; check overview Internet facilities.