SSH TV service

The TV service is provided by Ziggo.
Any problems should be reported to the
helpdesk. There is no point in going to a Ziggo shop in town, or contacting Ziggo yourself.


Set-top box
The TV service requires a set-top box with its custom remote.
If you did not find set-top box and/or remote when first coming into your room, please report this to the helpdesk.

 Connecting the TV set

Does your TV set have a HDMI connector?

For highest quality, use a HDMI cable between set-top box and TV.
HDMi cables are readily available in any DIY of electronics store.

Your TV set only has a SCART connector?

You have to use a custom SCART cable with a regular SCART connector for plugging into the TV and a mini-DIN connector at the set-top box side.
Not available in shops, but may be purchased from your SSH ‘complexbeheerder’. Your
SSH office can tell you how to contact your ‘complexbeheerder’.



If you receive no TV channel or the list of channels:

  • check that your TV set is connected to the set-top box
  • check that you selected the proper input on your TV set (inputs are usually labelled like ‘HDMI’, ‘HDMI1’ or ‘AV’, ‘SCART’)
  • check that the network cable from set-top box is plugged into the CPE port labelled ‘TV’
  • check that the CPE operational (mainly green LEDs, check CPE LEDs)

If your TV image is of poor quality:

  • disconnect the power adpaters of both set-top box and CPE from the mains
  • wait for at least 20 seconds
  • reconnect the CPE power adapter and wait until the CPE is fully operational. This may take up to several minutes
  • then power up the set-top box

Should problems remain, contact the helpdesk.