In many SSH complexes you have, together with your neighbours, a “common kitchen”

Wi-Fi in the common kitchen

Big kitchens (5 or more appartments) have a  Access Point (AP).
Make a connection by logging in with your  eduroam account.

Little kitchens (appartments less then 5 rooms) can make connectio with your own CPE.

Problems with Aruba AP

No login prompt of the AP: ask the helpdesk.

 It is not allowed to connect your own devices on the ports of the AP, or to reset the AP.

 Login with euduroam doesn´t connect:
Ask the eduroam accounts are working at your own educational institution and test it at your institution. Almost all educational institutions use edoroam. If it is working there it also works in SSHnet.

No eduroam account: tenants who don´t have a eduroam account canget a sshroam account. Send an email with name- and adress to the helpdesk.
After the check you receive by email the login accounts to log in on ‘sshroam’ Wi-Fi network of SSHnet.

 N.B.: outside the SSHnet , sshroam doesn´t make connection.

TV in the kitchen

If there is no access for TV in the kitchen:

  • check if the set-top box is`on` and if everything is connected the right way.
  • remove the stecker of the set-top box, wait for 20 seconds, and connect again.
  • When TV is still not working, email the helpdesk.