Ina Boudier Bakkerlaan (no CPE)

Internet is available in your room.
You can connect your PC or other equipment with a network cable to the SSSnet wall outlet.

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Your SSHnet connection is the SSHnet outlet in the wall. This outlet has no indicator that allows you to check if SSHnet is available or not.

Check outlet

If you experience problems, do a cross-check:


If you had your own router connected to the SSHnet outlet, the network switchport may have been disabled because the router caused network problems. The port is then re-activated after 4 hours. Therefore, wait at least 4 hours before continuing the outlet checks.

Using your own (Wi-Fi) router

Is there no CPE in your room yet ? The SSHnet wall outlet only allows cabled connection of equipment.
Some tenants have installed their own Wi-Fi router to enable connection of Wi-Fi devices such as a smartphone of tablet.


Tenant supplied network devices may cause network problems for other tenants, or even the whole network. Frequent causes are:

  • wrong type of equipment: not a router but, e.g., an ADSL modem or cable modem.
  • wrong connection: the WAN port of the router should be connected to SSHnet.
  • firmware problems: some routers may cause severe network overload problems.

In such circumstances it may be that your connection is quarantined.
Check using your own network devices for further information.