Terms of Use

1. Definitions

  • SSH: Stichting Studenten Huisvesting Utrecht, office address Utrecht, Plompetorengracht 9.
  • SSHnet: the Internet access network of computer and transmission equipment and supporting installations that is managed by or on behalf of SSH.
  • User: the tenant of a dormitory or apartment with a SSHnet access point provided by SSH.
  • Access point: the network access device in a SSH dormitory or apartment, with any associated equipment and cabling.
  • Access provider: organization that provides Internet access for SSHnet.
  • Terms of Use: this document. 

2. Access to SSHnet

2.1. SSH may offer SSHnet access to a User by an Access point in his dwelling. Timing and modality are at SSH discretion.
2.2. By using SSHnet, a User confirms acceptance of the Terms of Use.
2.3. A User obtains Internet access via SSHnet through a SSH-designated Access provider SSH.

3. Expiration of SSHnet access

3.1. SSHnet access expires With the termination of the rental agreement between User and SSH.
3.2. SSH may deny SSHnet access when a User violates the Terms of Use.
3.3. SSH may modify or terminate SSHnet access in the event of changes in legislation, or as a consequence of technical or commercial developments.
3.4. In the event of 3.3, SSH is not due any indemnity to User.

4. Obligations and liability of Users

4.1. Users shall comply with:

  • Dutch legislation;
  • conditions set by the Access provider;
  • these Terms and Conditions;
  • generally acccepted rules known as ‘netiquette’ and ‘fair use’.4.2. An Access point shall be used only in the dormitory where it is located.
    4.3. A User is responsible for any use of the Access point and of SSHnet, irrespective of who or wat is using it.
    4.4. Users shall not modify or remove the Access point or parts thereof, or connect equipment of Users or third parties in another way than prescribed by SSH.
    4.5. The Access point is solely for User’s personal use for the purpose of study or hobby.
    4.6. User shall not impede, limit, or disturb access to SSHnet and/or Internet for others.
    4.7. User shall not (try to obtain) access any (computer) systems without authorization.
    4.8. User shall refrain from:
  • violation of copyright or IP;
  • Usage of the Access point for business purposes (including non-for-profit);
  • sending information that is contrary to generally accepted norms and values, or or providing access to such information.
    4.9. User is liable towards SSH for any damage resulting from violation of these Terms and Conditions, or unlawful actions towards SSH or third parties.
    4.10. User shall indemnify SSH for any claims of third parties resulting from a violation of these Terms and Conditions by the User, or unlawful use of SSHnet by the User.

5. Obligations and liability of SSH

5.1. SSH will maximize SSHnet availability for Users. Downtime will be limited as much as possible to the time needed for repairs and implementation of changes and improvements. SSH does however not guarantee SSHnet uptime, availability, or sufficient capacity.
5.2. For the benefit of all Users, SSH may limit at its discretion the type or volume of the network traffic generated from the Access point of an individual User. Such limitations will be published on the SSHnet website and take effect forthwith.
5.3. SSH will provide Users with possibility to register a complaint regarding SSHnet. SSH may charge complaint handling costs to the complaining User. If SSHnet operations are found to have been below par, SSH will refund such costs to the User.
5.4. Barring intent or gross negligence, SSH is not liable for any damages caused by SSHnet downtime or dysfunctioning.
5.5. SSH is not responsible for the content and security of information transmission through SSHnet and networks of third parties directly or indirectly connected to SSHnet.

6. Remaining provisions

6.1. Dutch law is applicable.
6.2. All written notifications directed to the address the User has most recently communicated to SSH shall be considered as received by the User.
6.3. SSH may change these Terms of Use unilaterally. Changes will be published on the SSHnet website and take effect forthwith.
6.4. If a court of law declares one or more provisions of these Terms of Use to be invalid, the other provisions shall remain in effect. SSH will replace the invalid provisions in such a way as to comply with the purpose ot the invalid provisions as much as possible.
6.5. This English translation is provided for the convenience of Users, and closely follows the Dutch text. The formal requirements and stipulations however are as laid out in the Dutch version.


Utrecht, 2002-02-27; updated 2016-04-29